The Law of Attraction & Your Truths

What is the secret of your truth? Your truths come from your experience but often times we accept as truth what somebody else has told us and we call it our own even though it has not been our experience. The law of attraction tells us that we bring into our lives that which we put our attention on. Your spiritual growth depends on this law.

My observation and my experience is that we, as individuals and also as societies of people, often fall into routines in life that do not always allow us to be the best arbiters of the truth. I am going to make a huge generalization here to give you an example of how we often allow the words of others to form what we call “our truth.”

This is just my observation and I have to generalize here so please take this into account as we take a look at what is often a typical day of receiving information and news and then calling it our truth without really experiencing it and knowing it as our truth.

You read the morning paper and eat your breakfast, then you get in your car and head to work. You turn on the radio that gives you a different voice telling you the same news that you heard or read before. This time with even shorter sound bites. This is what you are putting your attention on either consciously or unconsciously.

At work your intention is to do your job, so that is where you put your attention, consciously or unconsciously. You have been doing the same thing for so long that you can do it automatically. You are basically unconscious when doing the routine tasks involved with the requirements of your job. When was the last time you really thought about your job?

During breaks in your work time you converse with your fellow employees. The topic of today’s news comes up. Do you critically tell your own truth about what you listened to or read, or do you unconsciously spew out your version of the condensed interpretation that you were fed that morning just a few short hours ago? Shaking your head sagely as you regurgitate what you were told without any analysis or thought. Conscious thought, that is. Unconscious thinking allows us to repeat what we hear without analyzing it.

As you head home after your workday, you once again listen to the radio mindlessly as it plays music and news that is background noise to your musings. Your twenty-four day has already chewed up eight hours sleeping and about ten hours of waking, eating breakfast and lunch, commuting back and forth to the job site and a day’s work. As you get home, you have about six hours left before you retire to bed. Now remember, I am generalizing here.

Do you have a project or a hobby? Do you spend a couple hours in invigorating conversation? Do you spend some time preparing a nutritious meal for your family? Is it easier to pick up some fast food or order a pizza? Do you have the intention of being healthy, and therefore put your attention on that intention allowing thoughts of health to come to you? Is your physical wellness a priority in your life, or is it never consciously thought of during your waking hours?

It is time again for the evening news. This is real news time folks, because we get the local, the national and the international versions of the news. Our communicator of choice is the television, which allows the physical senses of sight and sound to be our interpreters.

Now we get full coverage of the stories with pictures and ten to twenty second sound bites. This is the real news. Or is it? It is still just somebody’s perspective on what they saw or heard, as told from the point of view that the network told them was the point of view they required as part of their job description. This is a generic kind of interpretation that can be targeted to people with an eighth grade mentality.

So once again, we put our attention on what the television has told us is the news. That attention brings us those thoughts that are associated with the news to the degree that we specify. We shut out thoughts that may be esoteric or require us to think about what we are thinking about.

Generalizing again, we can just listen to the words that are relayed to us via this plastic box with pictures and sounds and, without effort or cognition, we can shuffle the words and ideas we just heard into a file cabinet in our memory that stores them under the prevailing “belief system” we carry about whatever subject it is that we choose to use for this memory storage purpose.

We have just re-enforced our belief system in an effortless unconscious manner that we unconsciously tell ourselves is serving us. But is it really “serving us?” That is a question that needs to be asked and answered consciously. Are you truly serving yourself by unconscious analysis? Once again, a question that only you can answer.

The law of attraction tells us that we bring into our lives that which we put our attention on. It does not specify whether we are putting our attention on something consciously or unconsciously. The crux of the analysis here is that you can very easily be attracting into your life the very things that you don’t want by your unconscious attention to those things.

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